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   Information Science & Engineering
        at NDIET is a unit within the College of Engineering. The mission of the Department consists of three interrelated components: providing the highest quality instruction to our undergraduate and graduate students, conducting leading-edge research in information science and engineering, and providing leadership and service to our professional communities. We are committed to excel in all three components of this mission. The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty to offer both class room teaching and practical instructions. Special attention is bestowed on the project work of final year students. Short term courses and technical lectures by eminent professors and professionals are arranged regularly to broaden the knowledge of students. The computer centre has over 300 computers with state-of-the-art hardware and software and provides adequate computer time for all the students. Emphasis is placed on regular attendance, general discipline, conceptual understanding and practical perception. The progress of students is constantly monitored.
ONE Mega Bits per second internet connectivity (leased line)
390 Computer Terminals
Hardware specification: PIV 2.8 GHz, 1.7 GHz, SUN SPARC, SUN Blade Workstations
300 Computer terminals on LAN/WAN
Softwares: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows (98, 2000 Prof, XP), MS 2003 Server, MS SQL Server (Enterprise Edition), MS .net (Enterprise Edition), Turbo C++, Red Hat Linux, Fedora Linux, Suse Linux, IBM DB2, IBM Websphere, CAD/CAM, Norton Anti virus, Lab VIEW, J2EE Platform, TANNER EDA(VLSI), XILINIX web package (VLSI), MS Visual Studio (Academic), MS Frontpage, MS publisher, MS web publishing package, MS Windows Terminal Services, MS Visio, MS Encarta reference Library, MS Core CAL, MS Project
Uninterrupted Power supply to Servers and Labs
Data structures
Analysis and design of Algorithms
Internet Technologies
Network Technologies
Selected Books & Journals
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
IEEE Transactions on Computational biology and bioinformatics
IEEE Transactions on Nano bioscience
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
IEEE Transactions on speech and audio processing
Harvard Business Review
Journal of Enterprenuership
DATA Quest
Developer IQ
Embedded Systems Programming
MX Developers Journal
Voice and Data
Linux for You
Silicon India
Living Digital
+ complete coverage of text and reference books
Fundamental file operation, The UNIX Directory Structure, Physical and logical Structure,Data Compression, Internal Sorting and binary Searching, Index, Binding, Multi-level Indexing and B-Trees, Hashing, Pattern of record Access.

Message Switching, Circuit Switching, Packet Switching, OSI Reference Model, Nyquist Signaling Rate, Line Coding, QAM, Physical Media, Error Detection and correction, SONET Multiplexing, ARQ, HDLC, CSMA, CSMA-CD, ALOHA, FDMA, CDMA, TDMA..


Random-Scan Display, Image Scanner, Scan Converting line, Clipping Circles and Ellipses, 2D Transformation, 3D Trnasformation, Z- Buffer Algorithm.

Telephone mamagement, TCP/IP- Based Networks, NOC, SNMP, RMON, Broadband Network Management.

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